Monday, April 7, 2014

Axe Murder Boyz w/ ICP "Might Go Mad" Lyric Video

Axe Murder Boyz, Insane Clown Posse & Psychopathic Records release a little visual flavor lyric video to the new AMB single "Might Go Mad". The track is available now on AMB's new album "The Garcia Brothers". You can get the CD from and digital download on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and all digital media outlets. The album charted on Billboards Heatseekers at #24 in the first week and is getting great reviews everywhere. Catch Axe Murder Boyz live in may on JCW's Road to the Gathering Tour hosted by ICP and on AMB's Family Remains Eternal Tour. As always get more info at, the official twitter account @AxeMurderBoyz, Instagram @AxeMurderBoyz &

Sunday, April 6, 2014


The Garcia Brothers hits #24 on Billboard heatseekers chart!

AMB would like to thank every single person who supported The Garcia Brothers album and helped make it hit the billboard heatseeker chart! That's an INCREDIBLE achievement for an album only available on CD via & via download on digital sites everywhere.Congrats to AMB and Psychopathic/Canonize for another succesful release and this is just the first week. If you haven't got the album yet get it now @, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play & many more! Lets keep making the noise and making the world hear the devastating freshness known as The Garcia Brothers! Here's some testimonials via twitter to also show you what an impact the album has made so far:
The Axe Murder Boyz new album "The Garcia Bros." is NOW AVAILABLE at Hatchet Gear and all download sites! CHECK IT!
I really dig the new record. Shit bumps. Nice job fellas.
S/O to by axe murder brothers for givin me somethin to actually bang loud !!! out now !! !!
Go cop that new Garcia Brothers!! Shoutout my Fam !! They doin Bigg Thangs!! New album is DOOOOOPE!! Whatupdoe !
Y'all,the new AMB record is FIRE Don't sleep on it!!There are certified JAMS coming!Listened to it all the way through,it's PHENOMENAL

Friday, March 28, 2014

Hatchet Herald 3/28/14

Another new Hatchet Herald is here! News bombs have dropped once again such as JCW's The Road to the Gathering Tour, AMB's new Album "The Garcia Brothers", AMB's first set of dates for "The Family Remains Eternal Tour" & much much more!  Click here to check it out!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

AMB's Family Remains Eternal Tour is booking now!

Psychopathic Records & Canonize Productions Presents:
"The Family Remains Eternal Tour"! AMB are hitting the road again this spring/summer to bring you one of the best AMB tours yet! Not only will you see a full, all new live set from AMB & be able to purchase all new merchandise from Hatchetgear. You will also be able to pick up the new album dropping March 25th! "The Garcia Brothers"! If that wasn't enough, AMB are also filming their very first all new documentary at every show! So you too can become a part of history and be immortalized in the AMB Documentary. Your boyz Axe Murder are back and ready to bring the wicked back to your hometown. Also performing all new live sets is PRAY of Canonize Productions, Razorz Edge & 614 Villains! New acts are being added right now as well! Suprise appearances will occur also so keep posted for all the news here at, follow AMB on twitter @AxeMurderBoyz, Instagram @AxeMurderBoyz &

The tour is booking now so if you are a promoter/talent buyer/venue/record store or anyone that wants to bring AMB to your city, be sure to hit up BOOKING@AXEMURDERBOYZ.COM for all the details. Much luv to the underground and dont forget...

AMB - The Garcia Brothers - Available 3.25.14
Order now on
Available on all digital media outlets (iTunes, Amazon, Play etc.) March 25th!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014